6 Tips From Semalt To Increase The Visibility Of Your Website And Online Store

Online ordering is booming in the Corona crisis: if you want to continue to sell successfully despite the curfew and store closures, you need to strengthen your online store at the latest. Experts predict that the crisis is intensifying the trend of online orders and that e-tailers will continue to benefit from it in the future.

Where there is a crisis, there is also an opportunity: becoming visible and increasing the reach of your online shop or website with the help of leading SEO tools such as the SEO Personal Dashboard

So take your chance and take your online store or delivery service to the next level. First of all, this means being found by your target group with your products and services and differentiating yourself from the competition with the right content.

So what do you have to do to ensure that your website is not only found on Google but ideally, also displayed at the top?

On which channels should you distribute your information?

What means can you use to succeed quickly? What can you do by yourself and where should you get professional support if necessary?

In our blog post, we give you tips on how to become more visible to your potential customers and how to achieve a greater reach on the Internet.

Let's start with the very first point which is to check your visibility index.

1. Check your visibility index

Determine your visibility score. This shows you how often and where your website / store appears for the most searched keywords in the list of search results. A numerical value is then determined from this, with which you can compare yourself to your competitors. For the visibility value, search queries with about one million keywords, which describe typical search behaviour, are performed and an index value is determined from the results. 

A small part of the search terms is determined based on current trends and events. The more your site is optimized for SEO and equipped with the right keywords, the higher the chances that your site will be found more easily.

Always keep an eye on your competitors and see what keywords they are using. Especially in the digital competition, competitors that may not have been on the screen before may appear in short order. However, these are competitors that have valuable visibility and play a key role in ranking. That's why you need an all-in-one tool to accomplish all these critical tasks.

2. Bring the right keywords to your page

To improve your visibility index, you must use the right keywords on your page. To determine the right keywords, you must of course know what your target group is looking for in order to learn about your services and products. Using the DSD tool, you will be able to find the keywords related to your products or services on Google. This way you will see on which page you are listed. As a general rule, most users click on the first page of Google search results and rarely search further. So it's important to get your page up there to generate clicks. 

Do a keyword analysis using the SEO Personal Dashboard tool to see what your customers are really searching for and include those keywords in your copy.

Search engines crawl the text on your site and then assign it to specific topics based on the words they find. Depending on the result, your page will then appear according to the search queries. Also, look at where you put your keywords - as a rule, keywords are weighted more heavily in the title than in the middle of the text.
Remember: optimize your content not only for the search engine, but also for your customers. Text with good keywords may rank well on your page, but your customers won't get a satisfactory user experience if the text is difficult to understand. So, as is often the case, it's all in the mix.

If your page is clicked on often because of the right keywords and has regular conversions, Google learns that the keywords were the right ones. If the visit is immediately interrupted and the users return to the list of search results, Google reacts and moves the page further back.

3. Create more content

To successfully spread the keywords, you need to include enough interesting content on your page that describes your products and services in detail, builds trust and encourages purchase. In addition to the content on your site, it is a good idea to regularly publish articles or specialist articles via a blog to generate up-to-date high-quality content with which you can be found in the search engines. In addition to text, you can also incorporate images and videos to make your content as engaging and entertaining as possible. This way, you increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your site. 

4. Technical SEO measures: Optimize tags, links and load times

Optimize other SEO aspects of your website to give search engine spiders the ability to find all pages, capture, understand and evaluate their content. To do this efficiently and be sure to achieve the desired result while spending less money, you need a better all-in-one SEO tool such as the SEO Personal Dashboard.

To achieve this effectively, here are the aspects that must necessarily be taken into account:

Responsive web design 

Your website should be optimally usable on all end devices and adapt flexibly to the output medium. For example, all texts and images should be automatically adjusted so that your content can be read easily on small (smartphones) and large (desktops) screens. 

For example, Google bans outdated websites from search results since the beginning of 2021.

Meta tags

Important meta tags are, for example, page tags (title tags) that are displayed in the page header and in the search result header, meta description tags (meta descriptions) that briefly describe the content of the page in the search result, as well as image descriptions (alternative texts and title texts).

HTML tags

Give your texts titles (for example, title tags like h1 or h2) or organize your content in sorted (<ol>) or unsorted (<ul>) lists to better structure your content for search engines.


Place internal links on your website. The more pages on your website are linked, the better your visitors can move around. An aspect that search engines evaluate positively.

Talking URLs

Keywords in your URLs are an important ranking factor and increase the visibility of your site.

Loading time

Long loading times of your website make users drop out quickly and worsen the ranking. Check the loading time of your website, for example with the DSD tool. With this tool, you can find more information about page speed optimization.

Structured data

Structured data helps search engines put information into context. This includes reviews, locations / addresses, event information (dates), photos or prices. This information is displayed in the Google results and makes it possible to click on the correct result in a more targeted way.

5. Off-page optimization

In addition to on-page optimization, it is not trivial to be linked to other pages. Backlinks on other websites generate trust and show that there is relevant content on your page that is linked to other pages. In addition to the increase in ranking, there are also positive effects on the level of awareness of the company, whose content is widely distributed on other sites.

Backlinks can be placed in the content of other websites, for example in blog posts, forums, comments and as publications on social networks.

6. Social Media

Create company pages on relevant social media channels and generate followers who provide you with content. By regularly publishing relevant articles, your target group receives the latest news and you, in turn, receive direct feedback on your content (e.g. via clicks, retweets or comments). 

Use topic-specific hashtags and spread your news over a wide network. By asking your followers to share and retweet your posts, you in turn create valuable backlinks that add to your visibility.


Through this article, we have just discovered 6 tips to increase the visibility of your website and your online store. Thanks to these tips that we have just highlighted, you now have a complete idea of how to proceed to give visibility to your business via the Internet.

In addition to these tips, we have shared with you an all-in-one SEO tool that will help you and your customers reach their target audience and make big profits.